Sculptural Enamel Painting

Fulfilling my desire to introduce to the visual spectrum a previously non-existent entity, I conceptualized a new genre of abstract art, Sculptural Enamel Painting. A previous self-directed career as a couture fashion designer taught me that the only risks would entail time and materials.

My art encompasses science and mathematics. Paintings become sculptural and enter the realm of architecture. The dynamic changes that occur warrant a time-lapse camera. Numerous areas lift off the canvas in planes, simulating how the Earth formed during its various geologic eras. Cracking, cleaving crevasses appear on the canvas. Colors rise to the surface, darken, and shrink. I, the artist, must decide when to impede these developments in order to preserve the composition. The process can be delayed but not entirely stopped. Small subtle changes will be detected forever. This heightens the mystery.

A clear, colorless UV resin seals the contours of a Sculptural Enamel Painting, inviting exploration through sight and touch. Photographic details intensify nuances and capture various perspectives of light and viewpoint to simulate feelings and visions involved when in direct contact with a painting.

My original technique requires unrestrained contemplation. What I define as a painting may not be a painting in the narrowest definition of the word. The surface is not flat but sculptural—multi-media. The form is intrinsic. My art encompasses discovery and evolution.